About us

In the late 1960’s film classic Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman’s devil-may-care attitude lands him in a Florida jail for cutting off the heads of parking meters. Outnumbered, Newman is dared by his cellmates to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs in an hour. Fueled by his stubborn instincts and unwillingness to conform, Newman trumps his naysayers and defies all odds – proving that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.


It’s this ethos on which our company was founded. 50 Eggs is a place where ideas become plans, plans become actions and actions become success and growth. It’s a place where we always find a way to overcome the impossible – a place where we can eat 50 Eggs.


50 Eggs is comprised of highly-driven, passionate professionals who share a wide range of strengths and expertise. The Executive Team is proudly composed of a versatile task force of experts focused on company culture, guest service excellence, food and beverage management, training and development programs, and strong sales practices; a set of ingredients that set us apart from the rest.


Operators, culinarians, service industry professionals and sales & marketing mavens alike join 50 Eggs for a career, not a job. We are a family that is driven by our defined Core Values, and led by our philosophy that “We Can Eat 50 Eggs.” We are committed to providing our team a space to not only do what they love but to expand our knowledge individually and cohesively to grow as a company within the various fields of restaurant hospitality.

About our Founder and CEO John Kunkel

John Kunkel, founder and CEO of acclaimed hospitality group, 50 Eggs, is regarded within the restaurant industry for his innovation in concept development and operational excellence. The 50 Eggs empire hatched in Miami, FL and operates existing locations across the country and globally with an impressive portfolio of brands including Yardbird Southern Table + Bar, CHICA by Chef Lorena Garcia, and more. Kunkel’s business achievements have been widely recognized from Bon Appetit’s “50 Best New Restaurants in the US” Award to receiving an honorary doctorate from Johnson and Wales University to winning the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.