Summer Wine Pairings by Daniel Toral

Summer is so close, we can already smell the grills firing up and Florida tomatoes ripe for picking.  50 Eggs’ Wine Director Daniel Toral is kicking off summer with six wine pairings for his favorite seasonal dishes.  Daniel loves classical pairings with a twist on on unique wineries and blends. Check out his pairing pics below.

1. Lobster Rolls

One of my ultimate lobster roll pairings is a white burgundy. I love the richness of chardonnay balanced with the intense, mineral qualities that burgundy offers. I recommend looking for the Bret Brothers, Macon-Uchizy in southern Burgundy (or any bottling from them) they make beautiful, elegant wines. If you feel like splurging, look for Hirsch Vineyards Chardonnay, from Sonoma. They offer a lighter style of chardonnay that is a total show stopper.

2. Oysters

When it comes to oysters, I can only think of the most classic and simple of all pairings: Muscadet & Oysters. Look for Chateau de la Ragotiere, a great value that is vibrant and refreshing. This wine is bone-dry, acidic and has a hint of citrus and saltiness, which works perfect with the brininess of the oyster.

3. Burgers

I would totally drink Syrah with a burger, and I would chill it, slightly. Look for Wilde Farms, in the Sonoma Coast, a colder climate Syrah that offers a meaty, fruity flavor with notes of blackberries and a hint of wild herbs. It is a bold, peppery wine and is totally delicious with a juicy burger.

4. BBQ food

When BBQ-ing, you want to drink a wine that is going to be versatile and work with all the flavors. I tend to pick a lighter red and chill it because it is hot by the grill! I like Gamay with BBQ, and Brick House in the Willamette Valley makes one of the best ones in the USA. Flavors like cranberry, pomegranate & orange rinds come to mind. This wine pairs really well with grilled steak and buttered grilled corn. It is also delicious on its own.

5. Grilled Peaches

Riesling! I would drink a drier, richer style from Austria, Prager’s Federspiel ‘Steinriegl’ from the Wachau region.  This wine is so versatile with food. You may even want to grind some black pepper on top of your peaches to balance the sweetness and add a savory, spicy kick.

6. Fresh Tomato Salad

Rosé and tomatoes go perfectly together. In particular, the Lagrein Rose from Alois Lageder, in Italy’s Alto-Adige. This is a wine with a very clean palate that is reminiscent of tart raspberries and lychees, with a very dry finish.  It picks up the sweetness in the tomatoes and balances their acidity, while still letting the flavor of the fruit shine through.